How to Avoid a Clogged Drain

The Best Ways to Keep Your Drain Clean and Unclogged

this is an illustration of a drain pipe that is clogged and needs to be cleaned

Have you ever gotten in the shower and ended up feeling like you are taking a bath because the water is accumulating in the bottom of the tub due to a slow or clogged drain? I think we’ve all been there, and it is a less than desirable position to be in. Having a clogged or slow drain is not only inconvenient but it can lead to costly plumbing repairs and a mess. With continual maintenance, you can help prevent your drain from clogging. Take a look at all of our home owner tips blog to keep your home safe and sturdy!

The Main Reason Your Drain is Clogged

this is a picture of a drain cover in a shower which prevents clogging of pipesThe major culprit for clogging your drain is hair, especially in the bathroom. If you wash your hair in your tub or shower, it is almost unavoidable that you will have hair that falls off and heads for the drain. Human and pet hair has a tendency to form matted clogs that become matted around the internal drain chain that operates the drain stopper. Your first line of defense should be a drain cover. Drain covers are inexpensive and can be found almost anywhere. There are many different kinds to choose from, but we suggest buying one with a very fine mesh screen to prevent even the tiniest hairs from slipping by. By utilizing a drain cover, you will help stop most hair that would otherwise be destined to end up in a clog in your drain. With a drain cover, you will want to clean it out after use to prevent that from getting backed up as well.

What if You Have an Older Home?

If you live in an older home, especially, you want to be very careful what you send down your drains. Older homes often have pipes that are corroding and narrowing therefore making them more prone to clogs. Never dump your dirty mop buckets, carpet shampooer waste or any other liquid that might contain dirt and particles down your drain. As an alternative, try emptying your mop buckets outside or in your toilet to prevent clogging your drain.

Using a Drain Snake

You can learn yourself how to use really cool plumbing gadgets and tools like a snake with a camera. It’s fun using new tools and there’s plenty of really nice resources out there before you even think about calling a plumber to clean your drains. One thing you can do is rent a drain snake from home depot or your local hardware store. Here is a sweet resource on how to use a drain snake, if you are up for it, and want to save a couple extra bucks!

Steps to Take When Your Drain is Working Properly

Our company believes in helping the customer reach the proper decision when dealing with any home or office issue. If your drain is already clogged, even the best preventative measures won’t be any good until the clog is professionally cleared. Contact the pros at to evaluate, diagnosis and repair your clogged drain. Our company has a team of trained technicians that have cameras they can snake into your pipes to locate any clogs or obstructions and then specialized tools to remove the clog. If you are currently struggling with clogged drains, we suggest having the drain professionally cleaned by your certified local Kerrville Plumbing Company, and then implementing a good prevention plan like the one we detailed above to prevent any future drain clogging.